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The 4G Times
Water Science
Math Fun!
Literature Circles in Fourth Grade!
Literature Circles Part 2
Hands on Math: Collecting Data for Charts
Sharing our "Special" Books with Pre-K
Congratulations Madison!
Martin Luther King's Dream: Written by 4G and 4C
Assembley Time with Mrs. Granados
Unity, Love, Peace, and Harmony
Book Talk!
Building with Place Value Blocks!
A visit with an Amphibious Marine Craft!
First Day of Fourth Grade Fun!
Class News:
Creating songs with Irregular Verbs!
Programming Dash
Celebrating Chinese New Year
Adjectives and Advertisements 2
Adjectives and Advertisements 3
Congratulations Ruhee!
Math Talk
Adjectives and Advertisements
Writing Buddies!
Garden Tour with Ms. Farrell
International Day of Peace
Place Value and Comparing Numbers
Outdoor Fun!
STEM and Vocabulary!