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Middle School Boys' Tennis
Mastering Footwork
Roger Federer - Pure Aggressive Shots
Tennis Challenges
7 Weird Tennis Rules
Drilling against a wall (garage door?)
Driveway (or basement) footwork drills
Trick Shots
Tennis Drills to do at Home
Driveway USTA fitness workout
Become a better tennis player from home
Basics of serving
Djokovic stays fit
More Federer and reminders from Coach Bokert
Roger Federer - Amazing shots at his age!
Weekly Participation Report (each tennis player should download and send a copy to Coach Bokert every Friday
Varsity Conditioning, Agility, Quickness workout
Billie Jean King Explains How to Improve Your Tennis Game At Home
Thiem vs. Federer Indian Wells
Skater Jumps instruction and Demos
Air Squat Demonstration
Video: Plank instruction and example
Boys' Tennis Workout Mar 31 - Apr 3