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For AB and BC
Test – Tues May 12 2:00 pm

If you don’t have adequate internet or an adequate device to take the test on, please let Mr. Donaghy know ASAP!
There will be more test taking information on 4/28. (logistical information)
Students will have 25 minutes to read and respond to Question 1, and then 5 minutes to upload their response. After uploading the response to Question 1, students will have 15 minutes to respond to Question 2, with 5 additional minutes to upload their response to Question 2. Once their response to Question 1 has been submitted, they cannot go back to it.
Exam weight
Question 1 – 60%
Question 2 – 40%
For description of “Units” see
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Unit 8 is not in the AB Calc AB test but is in the AP Calc BC test
Unit 9 (Parametric and polar) is not in the AP Calc BC test
Included- Units 1–8 + 5 topics in Unit 10 (10.2, 10.5, 10.7, 10.8, and 10.11)

Apr 13, 05:49 pm (4 months ago)